Daily Digest for our listservs / group emails

With the level of local interest in the campaign it is possible there will be many emails through our group forums and listservs. We encourage people using these forums and listservs to follow email etiquette (netiquette), but we also know that the volume of email may be too much for some. We do not want you to unsubscribe, so please consider daily digests.

What is a daily digest?

A daily digest is an option you can select in many mail groups and listservs, it permits you to opt-in to get ONE email per day. This one email will contain all of the correspondence through the listserv in the previous 24 hours. The "Durham County for Obama" listserv permits this option. Selecting daily digest will mean you get one and ONLY ONE email per day for all correspondence through the listserv. You should consider setting this option if you feel you get too many emails. Please further consider setting this option in any other mail groups/listservs you may be a member of.

How do I select daily digest for Durham County for Obama email messages?

1) Login to the http://my.barackobama.com web site.

2) Locate the My Groups section:
My Groups

3) Locate the Orange County Campaign for Change group ....
Orange County Campaign for Change Group
Click on the link.

4) Locate the Listserve section ....
Listserv section
Click on the link.

5) Note your current subscription option....
Listserv option

6) Click on the Receive a daily digest radio button ....
Listserv digest
The black dot will appear in the middle of the radio button

7) Click on Change my subscription button ....
Listserv subscription

8) You should see the following confirmation message ....
Listserv confirmation

9) Repeat steps 2 to 8 for other groups you are a member of.

10) If you are a member of other listservs, please consider updating your subscription options on those too. Read the usage (or FAQ) for each to learn how.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: webmaster@oc3nc.org.

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