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The OC3 Healthcare Workgroup

Health care is at the top of the agenda! Health care reform should:

More than 2/3 of Americans support a public option, yet special interests can still derail
this critical piece of healthcare reform.

Join us as we team up with Organizing for America to push for
comprehensive healthcare reform and a strong Public Option!
Sign up for the Healthcare Work Group HERE or contact Susan Siegel:

"We are on the side of quality, affordable health care for everyone, and we are against turning over health care reform to the insurance companies and lobbyists who got us into this mess to begin with. We need to educate the press and the public that the protesters are aligned with the corporate lobbyists and insurance companies who are trying to stop reform." Pat Mc Coy, HCAN

What can you do to bring about real health care reform?

See the full list of upcoming events on the Home page:
Send more news and events to:


  • Phone Bank For Health Care Reform!
    Arrange a phone banking event from your home, office, or local coffee shop. We need to call constituents in Blue Dog districts, to contact their legislators to support President Obama's Health Care Plan.
    Please list your event or check on under Events.
  • Do Your Own Pledge Drive
    Download OC3 healthcare petition at
    Please sign and get everyone you know to sign it. Please turn them in before August 28th. Contact and arrange to turn in signed copies. This is important as we will enter data and turn over to our legislators by congressional district.
    You can sign the pledge online at the following address:
  • Call Sen. Kay Hagan 1-877-852-9462 or 919-856-4630. Senator Hagan appears to be backing away from her commitment to a robust and honest public option administered and available nationwide on day 1. See her editorial 8/2/09: What I want In Health Care Reform By Sen. Kay Hagan Charlotte Observer Op-Ed
  • Call Rep. David Price 919-967-7924 and ask him to suppport the Progressive Caucus letter which calls for a robust and honest public option offered and administered nationally.
  • Join OC3 Healthcare Group and get involved in local organizing to bring about real healthcare reform, which includes a public insurance option offered and administered nationwide and available to everyone on day one.
    Contact Susan Siegel at or subscribe to the mailing list at:
Contact Your Legislators and let them know how you important it is to do Health Care Reform RIGHT and RIGHT NOW!
Click here for Legislative Contact Information

Need to print out materials for your event? See What's New On Our Resource Page

Important Health Care Links:

Principles for healthcare reform, from the HCAN website:
Our sister (and brother) organization in Durham - great source of information and resources:
Progressive website, supported by readers:
White House Healthcare Reform site:
Reality Check - facts on healthcare reform;
Myths vs. Facts: Excellent AARP information/action site:


Good article about the progressive movement from Nate Silver at

This piece by Lakoff is long, but worth reading. a lot of good ideas for sound bites. "The American Plan!" (instead of the Public Option). No more Policy-Speak!

The article about Paul Wellstone is a reminder of why we do what we do!

Bill Moyers Interview with Wendell Potter (aired on 7.10.09) explaining why he left his successful career as the head of Public Relations for CIGNA, one of the nation's largest insurers, and decided to speak out against the industry. "I didn't intend to [speak out], until it became really clear to me that the industry is resorting to the same tactics they've used over the years, and particularly back in the early '90s, when they were leading the effort to kill the Clinton plan."

Robert Reich article on the urgency of healthcare reform:

OC3 Healthcare Blog: Our Healthcare Blog has links to important articles and information - please add to it!

Visit OC3 on Facebook! search for OC3 Health Care or use this link:


  • Americans deserve the right to choose their own health- care. Congress must allow universal availability of a public health- care option like Medicare. Limiting choice to for-profit insurance only is the same broken healthcare system we have right now.
  • Capitalism thrives on competition. A public health-care option would bring new competition into the market driving lower prices and incentives for better service and care.
  • There is no need to create something new or unfamiliar to the American people. Americans already know about for-profit insurance and they know about Medicare. We need to make a public option like Medicare available to all Americans.
  • Contact
  • legislators and urge them to support a public option
  • Ask
  • friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers to do the same
  • Tell
  • your healthcare story. Go to
  • Join
  • the Orange County Campaign for Change Healthcare Work Group ? visit and sign up NOW

    Please pass this along to friends and neighbors. Encourage them to sign up for future communications. Our voices and actions together do make a difference-remember November!


    Know your voting rights, a guide for ex-felons Board of elections

    Where do I vote? -->

    Precinct lookup Polling places
    Go to Organizing for America web site

    Join us now and experience the electrifying exhilaration of working together as WE, THE PEOPLE take America back!