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Return to OC3 Healthcare page Phone Banking Adversiting Flyer (write in time, place, contact info) phonebank.sign.pdf Phone Banking Flyer to post at location
HC.TeachIn.pdf Progressive Dems Health Care Teach In    


These resources are for you to print out and distribute at events and meetings. If you have resources to share, please send electronic copies to:
We will try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible. These handouts have mostly been created as 1/2 page handouts that can be printed 2-sided.

Brief explanation of Public Option, basic info about OC3 Durham for Obama brochure explaining the Public Option
leg.contacts.pdf Contact information for key legislators
Free and low-cost health resources in Orange County Free and low-cost dental resources in Orange County
Petition for people to sign in support of President Obama's healthcare reform principles
sheet for OC3 Healthcare volunteers/mailing list
Hagan.PostCard.pdf Postcard to send/deliver to Sen. Kay Hagan to encourage her to support a true public option
TalkingPoints.pdf Talking Points - pro-healthcare reform, supporting President Obama's principles
TalkingPoints2.pdf Talking Points 2 - countering the anti-healthcare reform propaganda
Story.Template.pdf Template for telling your healthcare horror story


Know your voting rights, a guide for ex-felons Board of elections

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